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We take a wholistic view of working with our clients and their needs. This requires a deep Data Driven understanding of the current situation, assets, implementation and business goals. This approach delivers a more impactful result allowing businesses to shed inefficacy and embrace a agile technical workflow.

Analytics & Auditing

We dive deep into data to make our recommendations

Define Roadmap

Create a plan that is easy to understand and follow

Process Definition

We define processes that are designed for success

Project Management

Agile methodology and a iterative approach for success

Team Building

We can help evaluate your technical teams skills

Marketing Plan

Ecommerce and marketing expertise and auditing

Just a handful of our best Clients

Synapse Storm is an elite group of highly talented people with skills from business coaching through to technical implementation. Think of us as a team that provides you with a Chief Technical Officer on your team, without the executive price tag.

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Our Process For Project Success

Utilizing our highbred agile based version of scrum we are able to take an iterative approach to project management and implementation that helps deliver meaningful impact quickly with ongoing refinements over time. This insures any program or systems launch has the least overhead vs old waterfall type implementations that usually fail.





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